Portrait of a Spotted Butterfly Lady



A perfect impact piece for your foyer or hallway to immediately display both your fun side and your taste for period art.

  • Small: (H) 81.3 cm x (W) 66.0 cm x (D) 3.2 cm / 32.00” x 25.90” x 1.25”

  • Medium:(H) 127.0 cm x (W) 101.6 cm x (D) 3.2 cm / 50.00” x 40.00” x 1.25”

  • Large: (H) 172.7 cm x (W) 137.2 cm x (D) 3.2 cm / 67.99” x 54.02” x 1.25”

Frame : 3.2 cm classic black colour box frame

Lead Time : 1-2 weeks

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Contemporary portrait wall art, utilizing the early 17th century portrait of Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain by Frans Pourbus (II). The contemporary twist is provided by a spotted butterfly. Combining the style and opulence of classic 17th century portrait art with a sophisticated yet overtly profound injection of humour. Displaying a punch rather than a pinch of fun, the subtlety is somewhat removed, but the class and beauty of the execution remains. The butterfly echoes the pallet of the 17th century dressed and luxuriously adorned woman and remains thoroughly in place via a connection of colour, tone and shade, yet is an object of an entirely different matter.

Your mind’s eye almost completes the image as you scan around it, and the butterfly comes almost as a surprise despite its prominence. Beyond the overlapping pallet of the elegantly costumed woman and the beautiful winged creature, they share the fact of both been synonymous with grace and beauty.

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