Sadie – Black Feather Chandelier

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Frame diameter: 70 cm
Drop from bulb: 25 cm
Weight: 1 kg – It can hang from a standard domestic ceiling fitting

As this is a bespoke item, this cannot be returned.
Flex and fittings not included.

Lead time approx 4 weeks.

Made by Coldharbourlights
The feathers are a by-product of poultry farming, so the birds are not killed for their feathers.

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Sleek and textured, soft and strong; a dark, sumptuous chandelier.  This is a feather-light made for touching.  The black rooster feathers are soft and supple and respond beautifully to breeze.  The inner layer of iridescent peacock feather herl can be teased out for a shaggy textured look or smoothed down as a secret metallic inner layer. Gold ball chain and lead crystal complete an opulent, decadent look.

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