Queen Wall Art

SKU SQ9714202


Classic Box Frame 1.9 mm edge

FSC Certified natural birch wood box frame

280g matt poly canvas

Lead time 2 – 5 days

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Queen Wall art Designed by Maximillion

King and Queen are a pair of images based on 18thc French pastel portraits, some of which hang in the Louvre in Paris. In Queen the delicate blues and pastel pinks of the portrait are combined with the smooth tones and textures of natural objects, found beachcombing. They create an image at once magical and mysterious, with the final effect a synthesis of painting and photography. King has a more metallic and mechanical feel. The image is of a young Louie XIV of France an official portrait in his finery, however he has been hijacked by 21st century surrealism for a punk makeover – reminiscent of Jamie Reid’s iconic Sex Pistol’s image God Save the Queen.

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