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68.6 cm x 83.9 cm (Standard Canvas, 1.9 cm classic wooden box frame)

Lead Time: 2-5 days.

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The peace artwork shows a girl with wings resting gently at a lake side. This female bird creature is looking away towards the thick forest that surrounds the peaceful lake. “In the darkest days and the loneliest nights we still try to fill our cup with joy. We were given wings to fly high and open eyes to foresee our falls. But the more we try to fly, the more we are stuck, the more we embrace love the more we are beaten by it. You and me, my friend, we share the longing for peace, we are warriors not soldiers. We don’t have to fight for recognition every time, struggling to be blessed by a word or a gesture and see our words and gestures drowning in a see of indifference. Let’s rest here with all our gifts, let’s find peace.” Himitsuhana – Inspired and dedicated to my dear friend Giada.

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