Peace – Vegan Suede Cushion

SKU SQ2100562


Luxury Cushion with watercolour Shell and Monstera leaf

Vegan Suede, beautiful fabric with soft touch

Square medium size -45cmx45cm

Hand painted artwork

Charcoal Grey coloured back

Poly filling Included with all UK orders

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The ‘Peace’ Vegan Suede Cushion in a soft terracotta invokes a calm, tranquil mood with beautiful nature inspired watercolour artwork.
Made from a vegan friendly fabric with the sumptuous feel of suede, the vibrant artwork is printed with perfect clarity using an inkjet printer.
All six cushions in this collection have been designed and produced in the UK with care and consideration for the planet. These hard wearing covers can be machine washed and withstand little claw scratches, perfect for pet owners. 

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