Out of Pattern 1

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Printed canvas on sustainably sourced wood stretcher bars, and mounted inside a painted solid wood ‘box’ frame.

81.3 cm high x 66 cm wide

2-5 days lead time

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Out Of Pattern Wall Art Collection

Subtle yet bold and colourful, 21st century patterned fabrics draped on figures from another time. Designed by Young & Battaglia design studio in collaboration with guest digital artist Kirin Young. The colour scheme of this collection is earthy hues paired with rich and vibrant splashes of colour from the modern day. The artwork is mounted in a black box frame to complement the piece. These art prints are a perfect elegant addition for a bedroom or perhaps in a playful fashion retail store, adding a touch of Marimekko meets Henry Ford.


“… for this collection I selected a pattern that was clearly recognisable as from the modern day, and used unmistakably current colour combinations to make the fabric a main focus, creating a playful new take on the ‘emperor’s new clothes’…” Kirin Young

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